Instead of spending days online searching for the best deal, Farefetch gives you easy access to an ever-growing group of “farefetchers” who go above and beyond to find you the most affordable ticket, while you spend your time doing other things.

Rather than working strictly with travel agents, Farefetch turns the power to the people and allows anyone with the knowledge to fetch your fare. (Heck, even you could be a farefetcher.) Plus, you only ever pay if they find a fare that matches your exact criteria.

Here’s how it works:


Enter your destination and the date you’d like to depart.


Select how many people are going along for the journey.


Choose the max amount you’ll spend on the fare.


Submit your request and hear back from us within 24 hours.


How does Farefetch work?

Instead of searching for your own flight, our farefetchers find it for you. Rather than working strictly with travel agents, Farefetch turns the power to the people and allows anyone with the knowledge to fetch your fare. These “farefetchers” can be anyone (it may even be you) and they often have access to flights that other websites don’t. Simple as that.

Our app lets you select your departure date, airports, and how many passengers are flying. Then set the max you’ll pay (per ticket), and submit your request to the farefetchers. You’ll hear back from one of them within 24 hours.

Once you submit a request, the farefetchers will immediately get to work for you. If a farefetcher finds your perfect flight, it will automatically be booked, and your card will be charged. You’ll then have a confirmation email waiting in your inbox. Piece of cake.

How are you different from other travel/search sites?

Above all, our goal is to provide you with the fastest, easiest, and most affordable option to book travel.

On other sites, you spend your time searching through dozens of airlines and tickets. Womp, womp. With Farefetch, you simply tell us where you want to go and the max you’ll spend on your itinerary. Then you leave the rest up to our ever-growing group of farefetchers to fulfill your request by doing their best to find a trip that matches your exact criteria. Easy breezy.

How do I search for flights?

By letting us search for flights. We believe you’ve got better things to do than searching through site after site for the best deals. So we give you access to an ever-growing group of farefetchers who fetch the best fares for you.

How can I get the best price for my trip?

Once you enter the details of the itinerary you’re looking for, an API (read: nerdy computer system) will scour the internet to show you the average lowest published fare it could find. Then you can use that number to determine the max price you’ll pay. But remember, make it too low and it might be impossible to find… like the perfect place to rest your elbow on a flight.

What if a farefetcher can’t find my flight(s)?

No sweat. If a farefetcher can’t find an itinerary that matches your exact criteria, you won’t pay a penny. It’s always worth submitting a new request though - in life, and in farefetching, timing is everything.

Where’s my confirmation email?

If you submitted a request and did not yet receive a confirmation email, you are doomed. Just kidding – there’s a good chance it went into your spam folder. So check there, and tell your inbox that Farefetch is your friend. If it’s not, please email us at hello@farefetch.com and we’ll get on it ASAP.

Can I cancel or change my request?

To make our service as easy and efficient as possible, the second you submit a request, it’s sent to hundreds of farefetchers who get right to work on it. So unfortunately once that process is underway, we cannot stop it.

Can I change or cancel my flight reservation?

Once a farefetcher purchases your itinerary and locks in your reservation, you can’t cancel it through our app (yet, at least!). But check with your airline. If there’s any wiggle room, they may be able to modify or change your reservation.

Can I choose my seat?

To make getting the cheapest ticket as easy and fast as possible, you don’t have control over your seat selection through the app. You should be able to select your seats via the airline directly, but we can’t guarantee it. Go ahead and call your airline.

What about bags?

On most airlines, carry-ons are free. And on almost all international flights, your first checked bag is free too. You may be charged for your 2nd bag, unless you’re a Premium Cabin passenger. Once you get your confirmation number from us, touch base with your airline to confirm their baggage policy.